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Holiday Season’s Fireworks Prepare Your Pet

It’s That Time Of Year Again

As the sun sets and the skies grow dark the anticipation builds for the first sight and sound of Fireworks.  Suddenly there’s a whoosh, sparks can be seen as the rockets climbs into the darkness then Boom!!!  The sound rattles the windows, visually there is a multicolored display of sparkles.  It is simply awe inspiring.  Again and again the rockets soar, firecrackers pop, the excitement grows for everyone.  Everyone, except your pet!!!  These loud visual celebrations can send pets into a frenzy.  They don’t know what is going on or what to do.  The sounds are terrifying to them.  They can become so stressed that they can become lost or even worse.

What Can You Do To Help Your Pet?

With this Holiday season’s fireworks fast approaching, you need to take precautions for your pet.  These loud celebrations can be terrifying and your pet can become disorientated.   Keep in mind that your pet’s hearing is much more sensitive than human’s hearing.  The loud rapport of multiple fireworks can be painful and frightening to them.

Bring Your Dog or Cat Indoors!!!

This one precaution is a must.  Before dark and celebration time, bring your pet inside your home.  Choose an interior room, preferably one with no exterior walls or windows.  You want to insulate your dog or cat from the outside celebrations as much as possible.  Their ears are extremely sensitive, so put as many walls between them and the outside as you possibly can.

Create A Comfortable Secure Safe Place:

If you cannot be at home, and your pet is OK with a travel crate, place them inside it.  Include bedding, food, water and their favorite play toy.  Place an item with your scent on it in the crate, usually an old pair of socks will do the trick.  Cover the travel crate with a blanket to help muffle the sound of the fireworks.   This will create a small dark space where pets naturally feel safe.  Remember that dogs and cats are den animals in the wild.   Their instinct is to seek out small dark areas!!!  Ever tried to coax a frightened pet out from under the bed?

If your pet is not crate trained, the next best thing you can do is put them in a closet of an interior room.  Include the same items as mentioned above.  The key factor is to insulate your pet from the loud noise of fireworks and to make them feel safe and secure.

What Is The Best Precaution?

Well the best precaution is you.  If you can, be with your pet so that you can hold, love and reassure them.  Your presence will have a calming effect on them.  Take the same precaution of bringing them inside to an interior room.  Let them choose if they want to be in their crate, the closet or next to you.   This is the best way to prepare your pet for Holiday Fireworks, inside, safe and sound with you.

Another Option?

If you know that you will not be home, another great option is to provide a pet sitter.  Give the sitter the instructions discussed above. Your pet will be safe inside and have the comfort of someone being with him.

Don’t wait until the last minute to find a sitter.  Make the arrangement well in advance.  A great place to find pet sitters is through your local vet or a trusted friend’s recommendations.

What If Your Pet Does Run Off?

Start looking for a frightened pet immediately.  Walk your neighborhood and call for them.  If they are not found that evening, then first thing in the morning call all area animal shelters, city animal control and post fliers through out your area with your contact information and a picture and/or description of your pet.

Many area animal rescue organizations have numerous volunteers and have the social media network to contact area residents.  Be sure to contact all area rescue organizations.  Be sure to give them pictures of your pet and all contact information.   They will be glad to post this information on their website and on social media for you.  You may want to consider a reward as an extra incentive to find your beloved pet.

Of Course You Have Your Pet Collared, Tagged and Micro Chipped, Don’t You?

This is a must.  If your pet does become lost, the information on tags and micro chips is crucial to their safe return.  If you will look around and ask at any rescue organization, you can find good deals on micro chipping.  Your vet can supply tags when your pet is vaccinated and they can also do micro chipping.

There is no excuse, be sure your pet is collared, tagged and micro chipped!!!

Your preparation is key to your pet safely surviving Firework celebrations.  I am sure many of you have other ideas and suggestions for ways to handle these loud celebrations.  We would like to hear your ideas.  If you would take a moment and write your suggestions in the comment section below, it would be greatly appreciated.  There is a wonderful resource Secrets To Dog Training that shows how to anticipate your pets needs and how to prepare for them.  Take a look at what it has to offer and see if it is right for you.

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